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Hypnosis and coaching for organizations and businesses

The best of hypnosis, neuroscience and emotions at the service of your employees and sustainable performance
David Badower, practician in Ericksonian hypnosis - Geneva

David pour une hypnotherapie a Geneve

Having worked for more than 15 years in very different companies and organizations (multinationals, start-ups, NGOs), I was able to measure the thrill to face all the new challenges of the professional world but also the difficulties of escaping the frustration and exhaustion in an increasingly complex and uncertain environment.


We can sometimes feel alone and helpless in the face of our workload, to the point of neglecting the signs of our mind and body, and at the risk of losing ou motivation (which can lead to a resignation or au burnout). And then, we don't really learn how to develop the skills to explore and understand our own ways of functioning and those of others, or even how to go through our emotions... so many extremely useful skills to become agile, innovative, collaborative... ( #softskills)


There are many specialized articles and studies (for example here) which show that hypnosis, neurosciences, emotions have their place in the world of organizations and business, not only to promote well-being but also to create the conditions for a sustainable performance.

  • Performance, because it is only if the collaborators are able to find a certain alignment and balance they can give their best and learn to collaborate and communicate more effectively.

  • Sustainable, because working on yourself allows you to learn how to mobilize your resources to do your best while respecting the limits of your body. As the saying goes:"Who wants to go far, spare his mount."

In this context, I developed, with the help of some expert partners , various programs of  personal and collective development, built around hypnosis and associated tools such as NLP, soft skills and our relation  to our mental and body.

To find out more about the programs and prices, do not hesitate to contact me: or at +41 79 194 76 97.


Collective self-hypnosis workshops 

Séance collective d'apprentissage de l'autohypnose

Self-hypnosis is a set of techniques and tools to "do" hypnosis to yourself, to act on your health, your creativity and to advance on your goals in complete autonomy.

I organize, alone or with other professionals, collective sessions to learn self-hypnosis tools,  tailor-made around a theme such as:

- stress management and relaxation

- public speaking and self-confidence

-  smoking cessation and other compulsions

- phobias related to professional obligations (speaking, flying)

- stimulate creativity and the state of flow

Individual consultations in your premises

Séance individuelle d'hypnose dans une organisation

In your premises and on regular time slots, I receive your collaborators for one-hour consultations and thus create for them a moment of work on themselves.

During these sessions, I will be able to help them work on a personal problem, define their objectives and move towards them using the tools of classic hypnosis, conversational hypnosis and NLP.

The topics covered are generally the same as for the collective workshops (stress, public speaking, phobias, creativity, etc.) or more personalized themes.

Leadership management training

Formation intelligence relationnelle et leadership

Are you managers, leaders and do you want to launch a new movement into your daily life and your team management in an increasingly uncertain context? 

 n'Co.lab (coaching & co-development) and Oïkos offer innovative and flexible training in order to boost your relational intelligence and develop your ability to actbased on current knowledge of coaching, management theories, neurosciences and psychology.


In this program:

- several short workshops that are interactive and hands-on, with time between sessions to encourage experimentation and learning

-  skills to acquire  self-knowledge, emotional agility, and relational leadership

Individual support  in your offices

Teambuilding en bains froids

Are you looking for an original teambuilding event, which takes place in the exceptional setting of Lake Geneva and whose health benefits are well established?

Organized with our partner and in an exceptional setting,  the initiation to the cold bath consists of 5 lessons spread over 10 days, under the supervision of cold bath experts. 

The expected benefits are, among others, the strengthening the mind and the immune system as well as prevention of burnout and overwork. But beyond these benefits, these initiations to the cold are exceptional collective experiences, which unite groups like few other activities.

One-day or half-day workshops can also be organized in Vevey on themes such as cryotherapy & muscle strengthening, Cold Yoga, breathing & hypnosis.

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