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Who am I ?
David Badower - Hypnotherapist in Sarajevo


My name is David Badower. I am  a practitioner certified by the Academy of Research and Knowledge in Ericksonian Hypnosis ( ARCHE ), the largest modern hypnosis training center in Europe

I am a French national but I have lived in different countries (France, Netherlands, Sweden, Switzerland).  Before turning to hypnosis, I first worked with people from a range of different cultures during a career of more than 15 years in various companies and organizations.

Qui suis je?

So why did I become a hypnotherapist ?

Firstly, I have  a deeply humanistic approach to life . I have always been a person who listens to others, sensitive to the complexities of social interactions. With my deep passion for human sciences, philosophy and artistic creation, this can explain why I have always sought to live my personal and professional relationships with curiosity, creativity and empathy.

Furthermore, I could say that I have personally experienced the frustration of being stuck in negative emotions or self-imposed limitations. And I asked myself why I should go through unnecessary suffering, why I should limit my own development?

As Montaigne said:
"My life has been full of terrible misfortunes most of which never happened."


A few years ago I worked with a hypnotherapist for some sessions and it was an amazing experience. With ericksonian hypnosis, I had found a way to look in another way at my emotions and the story I was telling myself , with a new perspective. Needless to say that these few sessions had an unexpected impact.

So I got trained into this "art of change" myself.  And in the practice of ericksonian hypnosis, I have found a way to combine a humanistic approach, a creative and poetic way of expression, as well as techniques and tools that can change and benefit a person's approach to life and society.

My work philosophy

My role as I see it, whether as a therapist or a coach:

-  Prepare : Provide a setting in which you can feel comfortable exploring, giving free rein to your emotions and your imagination.  

- Guide :  listen, observe, ask you questions that shed new light on your story, and guide you in your experience of change using the tools and experience that I have acquired.

- Develop : establish the foundations of your autonomy, in particular by teaching you self-hypnosis and giving you tools to continue to explore and move forward.

I also rely on certain beliefs about the support approach:

- not everyone needs the same thing.

- personal change can be rapid, if we find the right leverages (emotions, values, ...)

- you do not change by turning your back on what is blocking you, but by listening and understanding the intentions of this "unconscious part". It is not a question of suppression, but of transformation, of readjustment.

My certifications and diplomas

- Certificate of practician in ericksonian hypnosis - ARCHE Switzerland


Spécialisations and other certifications with ARCHE:

- Neurosciences for counselling 

 - Psychopathology with Alain Heril 

- Hypnosis and childhood 

-  Conversational hypnosis

- Masters in Management - ESSEC Business School

My values

The pillars on which I build my approach are the following values:


To ensure that the changes initiated are always positive and respect your life balance 

To stick to your uniqueness, to stimulate your imagination



Because when I work with you, I give you 100% of my attention and my abilities

Why the name oïkos ?

In ancient Greek, oikos means habitat but also heritage and family, and later the word became the source of the prefix eco for words like ecology or economy, to define anything in relation to its environment. It encompasses everything that makes a person unique : their history, their beliefs, their values, their interactions with the world as well as all the resources they have within them.

Modern hypnosis is one of the most powerful tools for exploring your "home" . With a single conviction, backed by neuroscience and a growing recognition of hypnosis as a therapeutic and coaching tool: you can create movement in your life, begin to overcome your limits and achieve your goals while respecting your own balance with the world, your own "ecology".

This is what I propose with Oïkos Hypnosis: based on your uniqueness and complexity, shed a light on the stories you tell yourself, then co-create together a path of change using hypnosis and your inner resources.

Wooden Hut

My partners:

- Cabinet Aliotis, Espaces thérapeutiques et de bien-être

- Cabinet Bio et

- Nolica


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